You Can Touch The World

Even for the small business, having a well designed website makes perfect business sense. It will bring customers to your product while convincing them to trust your company. However, it takes more than a pretty face to become a commercial success online.

Just like your business plan, it is vital to have a strategy that takes advantage of the latest web technologies.  Your site must implement search engine optimization techniques and continue to analyze and make changes in order to reach your sites full potential.

This is where we come in.  We will not only give you a pleasing to the eye website, but we will continually work with you to make sure you are getting the results you are looking for.

We Do Things a Bit Differently

When you think of web site design firms, what sort of image comes into your head? Do you think of flashy, modern, hip high-rise offices, where high rise means high dollar? Or do you think of some young guy in his bedroom hacking out a website in the middle of the night?

Here at L&M Design, we are somewhere in the middle.

We don’t don’t spend your money on huge high rise offices, nor do we think that banging out a quick site on Saturday night is the way to go. We have brought together a group of talented freelance designers and developers who collaborate to give our clients what they want, a web site that looks great, is easy to update and maintain, that will be fast loading, have a corporate look, and be creative and secure.

But first and foremost we are designers and developers of websites.

We take our jobs seriously, and put all of our resources into our clients being happy with their products.